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Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust

Hunsbury Hill Road, Camp Hill, Northampton NN4 9UW. Tel: 01604 702 031

Public trains will be running 11th & 25th July

04 Aug 2018
Submitted by Carl Hinton

Nirt track

Anyone who has taken a train ride at NIRT in the last few years will realize that we have only been using a very small proportion of our track. Of the 1½ mile track, we have only been permitted to use ¼ of a mile of that. This has largely been down to the safety of the old wooden sleepers upon which our tracks are laid. The good news is that is all about to change!

In preparation for the return of steam to NIRT, NIRT are hoping to replace the current wooden sleepers all the way up to Tesco's Mereway, where we hope to rebuild the platform that existed there (some years ago now).

On the satellite image below you can see our existing line in blue, and the planned extension is seen in pink. Other features are included, thanks to Google Maps.

Track map

Follow our progress on our blog using the link below

Progress Thermometer


We are raising funds for extending the track to the Tesco end of the park. The track exists, we do need however to replace a large number of sleepers and rebuild our platform which was sadly burnt down by vandals some years ago. If you would like to make a donation then please contact us using our contact form. For donations exceeding £100 we will put a name plaque onto sleepers purchased in your name.