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Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust

Hunsbury Hill Road, Camp Hill, Northampton NN4 9UW. Tel: 01604 702 031

New track

16 Sep 2021

Finally we are extending the track !

Submitted by Carl Hinton

The attached map with overlays should show reasonably clearly where we are aiming towards in the Short to Medium Term.

1/ The dark blue is our existing running lines which are on ex Network Rail concrete sleepered track.
2/ The dark blue fringed with pink shows the stretch between the end of our existing running line up as far as the new foot crossing.
3/ The light blue fringed with pink shows the longer stretch between the new foot crossing and our old run-round loop / station area at the eastern end of the line.

09 May 2021

Second line for platform

Submitted by Carl Hinton
View of location where a second track is planned. The intension is to link the two line endings, providing the ability to move the locomotive from the back to the front of trains and visa-versa. This will improve steam locomotive access to the new water-tower.
31 Dec 2020

Water Tower under construction

Submitted by Carl Hinton
Despite Covid-19 during 2020 the NIRT team have been busy at work constructing a new water tower for the steam locomotives, and as you arrive you will now see two huge water butts sitting high up on a tower over the top of a massive water tank. The combined capacity of the tanks is 17,000 litres. The water at the top of the tower weighs in at a staggering 8.5 tonnes. Don't worry, those steal girders are plenty strong enough to take that weight. Plenty of water there for the steam locomotives!! We are now starting work on extending the platform by 25 feet. This will make way for our two new open wagons; the first of which has been named Luke by one of our visitors.