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Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust

Hunsbury Hill Road, Camp Hill, Northampton NN4 9UW. Tel: 01604 702 031

Public trains will be running 11th & 25th July

24 Oct 2017
Submitted by Carl Hinton

Refurbishment always has to start somewhere, and the exposed verandah floors seemed like a really good place to start.

Verandah floor before Verandah floor - after

The floors have not been treated in any way since the vehicle was built in 1952. Brushing down with a good wire brush revealed years worth of dirt, grime, Christmas decorations, old broken drawing pins and general debris.

The wood simply swallowed up the first coat of cuprinol, but with the second coat it was not necessary to be so lavish. Then a final coat of a good varnish and the end result looked entirely different.

This floor should now be good for at least another twenty years, but we will check its state in five. Cuprinol is guaranteed for five years, brings out the woods natural colours and protects it from the elements.

Original verandah floor preserved - check ✅