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Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust

Hunsbury Hill Road, Camp Hill, Northampton NN4 9UW. Tel: 01604 702 031

08 Feb 2020

The Northampton Ironstone Railway is not what most people expect when they go along to a Heritage railway. This is not a railway run by an army of volunteers, nor does it bulge with money granted from government. There is no shop full of tat for you to spend your well earned money upon; and certainly you do not need a full wallet just to step onto the platform. The entire railway is run by five guys, three of which are retired. Our story is not about millionaires but one of normal people, from normal working class backgrounds, people with a genuine care for Heritage, a sense of community that energises them to give of their own time and money to keep this small railway going. It is only through their work that this railway was not torn up years ago, and the whole area turned into another housing estate.

Yet, all that being said - the Northampton Ironstone tramway boasts a 100 year history. You will find in it's sheds some of the oldest rolling stock in the world, in it's workshops ongoing renovations that supply many of the bigger railways, along with a fine working steam engine and diesel locomotives.

This is the home of true enthusiasts, trying their best to keep the memory of a bygone era real and alive.